Norway’s New Ambassador

On September 17th, Ambassador Anniken Krutnes officially became Norway’s 15th ambassador to the United States. She is the first woman to fill the role. Prior to her American posting, Krutnes served as Norway’s Ambassador to the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Ambassador Krutnes with the AMAP Secretariat Team in 2016.
A Great Diplomatic Career

Ambassador Krutnes has enjoyed a lengthy diplomatic career. Born September 15, 1968, Krutnes acquired degrees in both economics and law before entering Norway’s Foreign Service. Her first notable posting was Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serving from 2004 to 2008.

Krutnes would go on to serve as Norway’s Ambassador to the Hague, working in this position from 2011 to 2016. During this time, Krutnes also served as the Facilitator for Cooperation in The Hague Working Group, from 2012 to 2015. As Facilitator, she improved cooperation and organization between Hague member states and the International Criminal Court. Her efforts resulted in improvements to witness protection, among other things.

Norway Adjusting to US’ Pivot to Arctic Focus

After completing her tenure at the Hague, Krutnes became Norway’s Ambassador for Arctic and Antarctic Affairs. With the Trump Administration’s pivot toward the Arctic, her expertise and insight will be essential for Norwegian-American relations going forward. She served in this capacity from 2016-2018.

Ambassador Krutnes also filled multiple leadership roles in Norway’s Foreign Service, and continued working in this capacity until being appointed Norway’s Ambassador to America this year. Her new appointment represents an opportunity to both clarify and reaffirm Norway and America’s partnership in the Arctic. This is doubly true given the new geopolitical challenges facing the High North. As the United States begins to take its Arctic responsibilities more seriously, Ambassador Krutnes will become an increasingly key figure in Arctic policy.