In Support of the ICELAND Act, H.R.5496

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME) recently introduced H.R.5496, also known by the long-form name: “The Iceland Commercial and Economic Leadership for Arctic and National Development Act” — or the ICELAND Act.

The ICELAND Act would include Iceland on the expansive list of countries that the U.S. State Department allows E1 and E2 visas from. These visas are meant to deepen the economic and innovation-focused relationships with our closest partners and allies.

As an organization, we believe whole-heartedly in the special relationships the United States has cultivated with our Arctic partners. The passing of the ICELAND Act would continue to increase trade and economic investment in both the United States and Iceland.

We support H.R.5496, the ICELAND Act, and will begin advocating for its passage on Capitol Hill.